If we’re outside, we’re all good.

The story…

The story…

A company founded on experience, journey and life. The story started as a young kid, playing sports, hiking with mom and constantly finding ways to enjoy being outdoors. Without knowing what the future would hold, having an experience outside always became the focus and later the outlet that allowed creativity and meaning.

The goal of Outdorsio is meant to be larger than us and the world to explore has always been a growing platform of adventure.

Think about it. Billions of years have gone by on the earth and we continue to re-write the same adventures in different perspectives. The difference between the same hike 100 years ago is the camera phone we carry, the social media we have and the many more people that we can reach with our journey. Geology, trail traffic and tourist developments are obvious additional factors. Our historical hikers didn’t have much of a choice and they continued creating and making products that made it more comfortable and the next level became more achievable. Fast forward many years, we are lucky to have brands like Patagonia, The North Face, OR to name a few familiar brands of outdoor gear.

So here we are… Further in life, wiser in experience and access to knowledgeable equipment, advice and accessories. We can accomplish many more adventurous ideas than ever before. Most likely, we will have many more to go and continue this path that we are on.

We can learn from these companies who have created excellent gear and we can’t complain, they make REALLY good products. They have the experience and knowledge that makes it possible to create better products. Let’s admit it, they come with a high price tag too.

To make this easier for the customer, we want to put customers first and make a platform where local stores and customers can have their gear online and offer them for sale. Every seller can post their gear and offer pickup or shipping options to take care of the customer. Not only does this help customers, but it helps sellers get out of their old gear and into something new.

Sellers can also be buyers and sell one item in order to purchase something else they are looking for. By expanding the seller connections in the U.S, customers can shop from all over with a much wider version of products.

Our job at Outdorsio is to monitor every seller, every product and ensure we are offering a great experience for our community. We can’t wait to help you explore your next adventure!

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